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Do Facebook ads leave you feeling a little overwhelmed?

You're not alone. Gain instant access and learn everything you need to know to run successful ad campaigns.


The programme that provides entrepreneurs and business owners with everything they need to know to run successful Facebook ads.


Being part of the Amplify programme enables you to:

  • Stop wasting time trying to learn Facebook yourself
  • Stop wasting "boosting" posts that are never going to work
  • Start having fun with your marketing again - no more stress!  
  • Get access to me and a community for all the support you need

and much, much more...


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Module 1: Understanding the Facebook advertising basics

  • M1L1: Facebook Terminology
  • M1L2: Business Manager vs Personal Account
  • M1L3: Creating Your Ad Account
  • M1L4: Getting Familiar With Facebook
  • M1L5: Power Editor
  • M1L5.1: Updated Ads Manager
  • M1L6: How Campaigns Are Structured
  • M1L7: Choosing The Right Campaign Objectives
  • M1L8: What Software Do You Need?

Module 2: Getting your 'plumbing' in place

  • M2L1: Getting Your Tracking/Plumbing In Place
  • M2L2: Creating Your Google Tag Manager Account
  • M2L3: Creating Google Analytics Account
  • M2L4: Creating Your Facebook Pixel
  • M2L5: Connecting Your Analytics & Pixel To Google Tag Manager
  • Mastermind Training: Create Google Retargeting Pixel & Connect to GTM
  • M2L6: Installing Google Tag Manager On Your Site
  • M2L7: Conversion Tracking
  • M2L8: Creating Custom Audiences
  • M2L9: Instagram Business Profiles

Module 3: Planning, goals and budgets

  • M3L1: An Introduction To 'Funnels'
  • M3L2: Determining Your Goals
  • M3L3: How A Basic Funnel Works
  • M3L4: Choosing The Best Funnel For You
  • M3L5: Financial Modelling Worksheet
  • M3L6: Ads Budget Calculator

Module 4: How to target the best audiences

  • M4L1: The Importance Of Good Targeting
  • M4L2: Getting Familiar With Facebook Targeting
  • M4L3: The Best Targeting Hacks: Finding The Best Audiences
  • M4L4: Lookalike Audiences
  • M4L5: Retargeting Ads

Module 5: Creating adverts that convert

  • M5L1: Optimising Ad Delivery
  • M5L2: Ad Placements
  • M5L3: Ad Formats
  • M5L4: Creating Amazing Ad Creative
  • M5L5: Creating Amazing Ad Copy
  • Dynamic Creative

Module 6: How to manage and optimise your campaigns

  • M6L1: Managing And Optimising Your Campaigns
  • M6L2: Ads Manager Reporting
  • M6L3: How To Analyse Campaign Data
  • M6L4: Optimisation Process
  • M6L5: Scaling The Best Performing Campaigns

Module 7: Creating your own landing pages and funnels

  • M7L1: How To Create A Landing Page
  • M7L2: How To Use ClickFunnels
  • M7L3: How To Funnel Hack Your Competitors
  • M7L4: Steal Some Of My Funnels

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